Couples Connection Survey 2023


Before participating in this research survey, please read the following waiver carefully:

Assuming the unlikely event that an outside party manages to obtain your identity from whatever means, you do not hold CP Research Associates or its agents responsible for any breach of confidentiality and disclosure of your identity.

CP Research Associates instructs you and your partner to take the survey separately, asking you not to discuss with each other how you have answered the questions in your individual survey. If either of you do not follow this instruction, you do not hold CP Research Associates or its agents liable for any adverse effect that such a discussion might have on your relationship.

You have no objection to the use of information, derived from your participation in this survey, which discloses whatever you reveal in response to inquiries from the questions, as long as your partner identities remain anonymous, understanding that such information might be disseminated in an article submitted to a professional journal or in some form of public media, whether written in a newspaper or magazine, published in a book, discussed in a digital news platform, a television or radio broadcast.

If one partner accepts this waiver, without the consent of the other partner, and still participates in the survey, CP Research Associates and its agents are not liable for any adverse effect that this discrepancy may have on either partner.

If either or both partners do not agree to this waiver, you should not participate in this survey. Proceed to exit the survey on the CP Research Associates website.

Please review the instructions below.

For each of the following statements, please check what best describes how you experience the relationship with your partner. Each partner is requested to fill out a separate form independently, without conferring with the other.

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