Public Engagement on Education Assessment in Ontario

Thank you for joining the discussion on student assessment and reporting in Ontario.
This online survey is your opportunity to help the Education Advisors to the Premier and Minister of Education develop recommendations for the development of the best possible assessment and reporting system to support all Ontario students.
If you would like more context before starting this online survey, please read the discussion paper available at
Please note the following before you begin:
  • It is not mandatory for you to provide any personal information.
  • You are able to save the survey and come back to complete it by clicking the "Save and Continue" button. You will be asked to provide an email address so that a unique link can be sent to you. 
  • There is no limitation on the amount of time it takes to complete the survey.
This online survey on education assessment and reporting allows any Ontario resident to participate in the conversation to ensure diverse perspectives and feedback are captured. The survey is modelled after the workbooks that are being completed at the regional engagement sessions to ensure consistency among the input we receive.
Please also note that in addition to the online survey, we welcome any written submissions which can be sent to