Helping Older Adults Live Happier & Healthier Lives at Home For Longer

Thank you for participating in this anonymous survey. Your responses will help us create on-going programs and services. The Pacific Rim Hospice Society in collaboration with the West Coast Senior Services Network want to know how we can help older adults (55+) live happier, healthier lives at home for longer. Thank you to the BC Community Response Network for this funding. We welcome any additional insights, feedback, or questions  If you prefer, you can answer the survey on paper or over the phone by calling us at 250-725-1240.

The survey takes about 15-20 minutes and at the end is a separate page to
  • enter a draw for one of two $100 Co-op gift cards
  •  be contacted for updates on upcoming services and programs
  •  be contacted for a follow-up phone call.
Food delivery / hot meals
Caregiver support
Home support (cleaning, yard work, etc)
Information access / sharing (ex. newsletter)
Community / social inclusion (visits, events, etc)

5) Please describe the local services or programs that make a positive impact in your life (those used prior to COVID-19 and currently):

6) What services / programs are you not satisfied with, or are not available, that would help you to continue living at home and be active in your community?

Light housekeeping (laundry/cleaning)
Light yardwork or gardening
Grocery shopping (may incl. putting away)
Minor home repairs
Bringing in firewood
Transportation to health or medical appointments
Transportation to social events and activities
Friendly visiting in-person or by phone
Pet care

23) Please describe what might help you feel more included and/or would help you participate more in your community:

If you have additional thoughts, or more information you would like to share, feel free to write in below or call us at 250-725-1240.

Please click "SUBMIT" button below
 and the Thank You page has instructions for optionally adding your contact info via a separate page to:
  • be entered into a draw for one of two $100 Co-op gift cards
  • be contacted for updates on upcoming services and programs
  • be contacted for a follow-up phone call

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