Engaging Indigenous Peoples in Climate Change Policy

Engaging Indigenous Peoples in Climate Policy
As part of its “Engagement with Indigenous women, girls, two-spirit and gender-diverse peoples in climate policy”, NWAC would like to invite you to complete this survey on the involvement of Indigenous women, girls, Two-spirit, and gender-diverse peoples.
The survey focuses on the perspectives of Indigenous women, girls, Two-spirit, and gender-diverse peoples on the climate emergency and related impacts, concerns, barriers to and Indigenous priorities. Your contributions will be used to make improvements to the proposed framework.

Introduction: The survey builds on the previous baseline survey that was administered in 2020-2021. This survey focuses on the environmental impacts of climate change and the role of traditional ecological knowledge in addressing climate change.
Content: The survey seeks to gather information across thematic areas including food insecurity; physical, ecological, social, and economic changes; impacts on culture and traditional practices; gender inequality; and the lack of recognition, rights, and institutional support in relation to climate change policy development both regionally/provincially, and nationally.
Method: This survey will be administered online through Simple Survey. This survey will take approx. 30 minutes.

For your participation in this survey, NWAC will be offering you a special gift valued at $30.00. 
Limited to the first 500 participants.

Please complete the contact information section at the end of the survey so you can receive your gift.


Thank you for taking part in this survey! smiley