Organics Collection - Community Survey

July 2024
The District of Invermere will be implementing organics waste collection to align with surrounding municipalities and to take the next step towards increasing the life of our landfill sites and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. 

The composting facility has been built in the Industrial area next to the waste water treatment site. This facility has been funded and will be operated by the RDEK, as a facility that can service all of the communities in the Columbia Valley. 

This survey has been designed to gauge an understanding of the habits and attitudes of the residents of Invermere towards organic waste collection so the best collection method can be implemented. 

This survey can be found on the District’s website, and paper copies are available at the District’s Municipal Office located at 914 - 8th Avenue.  Completed surveys can be submitted until 4:30 pm, 19th of July 2024.

*1) Does your dwelling currently receive curbside bin service for garbage and recycling?

*2) Did you know, if organic waste in landfill sites was a country it would be the 3rd biggest greenhouse gas (methane) contributor in the world behind China and the USA?

*3) How hard do you think separating your organic waste from garbage and recyclables in your kitchen will be for you?

*4) If the District opted for community collection bins (like the yellow recycling bins, placed in convenient locations around town) how likely are you to collect your organic waste in your kitchen and take it to the communal bins?

*5) If curbside collection took place (like recycling and garbage) what would your attitude toward storing a third bin be?

*6) How interested would you be in having curbside organics collection that included yard waste?

*7) Currently garbage is collected weekly and recycling bi-weekly. If curbside organics collection was introduced, garbage collection would move to bi-weekly and organics collection weekly. Indicate your level of support for this.

*8) If any, please indicate some of the concerns you may have with curbside collection of organic waste.

*9) The District will be holding in person information and education sessions relating to the collection of organic waste. How likely are you to attend one of these sessions?

10) Any other comments:

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