Maturity Model on Diversity and Inclusion


The following questionnaire is a tool for organizations to assess the progress of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within their organization. Based on the answers to the questionnaire, organizations will receive a report that sets out tangible actions that they can take to improve DEI.
The questionnaire is divided into five dimensions:
  1. culture of inclusion
  2. leadership and accountability
  3. representation
  4. barriers and discrimination
  5. talent
Who should complete the questionnaire in your organization?
The Deputy Head will decide who fills out this questionnaire. This may be the Designated Senior Official on Employment Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and/or someone working on the human resources team. The person will need to access various data sources to complete the questionnaire and, as such, they will need to consult with other teams in their organization to obtain data and validate the answers.
Who could be consulted to support the completion of the questionnaire?
The following is a list of suggested stakeholders who could be consulted on activities to support diversity, equity and inclusion. The number of stakeholders will vary depending on the size and number of current and planned activities.
  • the departmental diversity, equity and inclusion unit
  • co-chairs (departmental representatives) of equity-seeking networks
  • champions for DEI
  • the organizational anti-racism team
  • co-chairs of the Joint Employment Equity Committee (opens in a new window), if applicable
  • human resources data analysts
Which documents could be reviewed to support the completion of the questionnaire?
Data from multiple sources, including:
  • the Management Accountability Framework
  • the departmental human resources database
  • the departmental DEI action plan
  • reports from the Public Service Commission of Canada
  • results from the Public Service Employee Survey, which will be integrated in the report generated on completion of the questionnaire
Who will receive the report from the completed questionnaire?
The report will be sent to the individual who completed the questionnaire.
Who should get a copy of the report from the completed questionnaire?
A copy of the report should be sent to:
  • the Deputy Head
  • the Designated Senior Official on Employment Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as they are accountable for progress on diversity and inclusion in their organization
  • departmental employee networks or committees that have also been consulted on the activities to support DEI
  • departmental human resources personnel
The questionnaire:
  • is not mandatory
  • can be completed at any time during the fiscal year
  • does not assess an organization’s regulatory compliance with the Employment Equity Act
  • is intended to measure DEI holistically
  • will not be measuring specific areas or groups in-depth in the manner of the Departmental Progress Scorecards for Many Voices One Mind or the Accessibility Self-Assessment Tool for Departments and Agencies
The Centre on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) will use the information collected to:
  • identify government-wide trends
  • inform the development of future tools and guidance
  • help the public service lead by example in employment equity, diversity and inclusion
If you would like to complete this questionnaire using an alternative format, or should you have any questions about the questionnaire, please contact the Centre on Diversity and Inclusion at
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