Peace Region Living Lab Baseline Survey

Peripheral Producers

Survey Overview

Peace Region Living Lab Baseline Survey                         

Purpose of the survey:
Your responses to this survey will help us to better understand which beneficial management practices (BMPs) are currently being adopted by producers in the Peace Region. It will inform the Knowledge and Technology Transfer program of the PRLL and further research and extension planning of the participating Partner Groups of the project.  The survey is being delivered solely by the PRLL.

The survey will take 10-12 minutes to complete. All survey respondents have the opportunity to be entered to win several prize packages, included the much-coveted PRLL hats, forage seed and a Traeger grill!

Anonymity and Confidentiality
All data will be held confidential by the researchers and all survey results will be shared in an aggregated format that protects anonymity. 

By completing and submitting the survey, your free and informed consent is implied and indicates that you understand the conditions of participation in this survey. To learn more about how your responses will support this project and be protected through this process, please visit:

Your opinions matter, and we thank you in advance for filling out our survey!
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