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Departmental Results Report (DRR) 2019-20 - Survey


The Government of Canada has a priority to ensure that the Canadian public and Parliament have access to clear, understandable information on the results government seeks to achieve, does achieve, and the resources used to achieve them. Departmental Results Reports are a key tool for this type of public reporting.
By completing this anonymous and voluntary survey, you will help the Government of Canada know if Departmental Results Reports are useful and how they can be improved. Survey results will be reported publicly when the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) reports on its own Departmental Results Framework. Please do not include any sensitive, confidential, or personal information about yourself or any other individual in your responses.
The questionnaire is being administered by TBS using a third-party online survey application called SimpleSurvey. For additional information on how the SimpleSurvey application stores and protects information, please see their Frequently Asked Questions and Privacy Policy.
Your responses will remain anonymous and completion of this survey should take no more than 5 minutes.