RALL Baseline Survey

Peripheral Producers

Survey Overview

Project Title: Regenerative Alberta Living Lab Baseline Survey – Peripheral Producers                   

Survey Lead:                                                                                                      
Keri Sharpe             
Research Collaborator:
Dr. Emma Stephens, AAFC- Lethbridge
Purpose and Objective:
This research will help to establish a baseline of beneficial management practice (BMP) adoption by Alberta producers as part of the Regenerative Alberta Living Lab (RALL) project. It will inform the Knowledge and Technology Transfer program of the RALL and further research and extension planning of the participating Partner Groups of the project.  The survey is being delivered solely by the RALL.
You have been asked to participate in this survey because you are an agricultural producer in Alberta. Participation is entirely voluntary and is expected to take ~10 minutes. There are no foreseeable risks associated with participating in this survey. However, if you feel uncomfortable answering any of the questions, you may withdraw from the survey at any point, or leave those questions blank.
Anonymity and Confidentiality:
All data will be held confidential by the researchers and shared with the funding agency in anonymized form. All research results will be shared in an aggregated format that protects anonymity. Your confidentiality and the confidentiality of the data collected through this survey will be protected by limiting the collection of personal data, by storing data on Canadian servers, and by encrypting and limiting access to data that includes personal information to the lead researcher.
Dissemination of Results:
It is expected that aggregated, anonymized results of this study will be shared by the RALL including its partner groups (applied research, forage and producer associations), with others in the following ways:
Presentations at meetings and events, such as conferences and workshops
Online presentations of results to interested parties such as during webinars
Written materials for print and online publishing that could include:
Factsheets and case studies
Project progress and final reports
Research articles in professional journals.
Summary of findings will be documented in a short executive summary for distribution to participating organizations and interested parties, made available on the project website: http://regenlivinglab.org.
Questions or Concerns:
Email info@foodwaterwellness.org or call 403-899-5810.
Consent: By completing and submitting the questionnaire, YOUR FREE AND INFORMED CONSENT IS IMPLIED and indicates that you understand the above conditions of participation in this study, that you have had the opportunity to have your questions answered by the researchers, and that you consent to participate in this research project.
Funded by: Funding for this project in part has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Climate Solutions – Living Labs program.
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