GANS Progress Report

Gambling Awareness Nova Scotia (GANS) Progress Report            

Completing this report is a requirement of GANS grant holders. Information is used for reporting, program planning, and improvement. A progress report is required before any subsequent funding is released. Please refer to your original funding agreement for any other terms and conditions related to your grant.
Thank you in advance for your time in completing this report. If you have any questions please contact      

*1) Project/Organizational Lead's First and Last Name:

*2) Please note the RNS file number. File numbers are available in the original funding agreement for your grant.


3) In the space below, please list and describe the progress to date for each objective/milestone outlined in your original funding application. If progress has been delayed, please describe the reason(s) why and how this will be addressed. Results must be listed in the following format: "Objective/Milestone – Progress to date"

(To increase the size of the text box below, click and drag the bottom right hand corner. The character limit is 9,000 (approximately 1200 words to 2250 words)

If no to the question above, please briefly describe any variances:

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