Time Limited Counselling Survey

N/A1 (not very happy)2345 (very happy)
My experiences at reception have been positive.
My intake was helpful and oriented me to PYS services.
The PYS office felt welcoming.
Virtual services were offered when needed and flexible.
PYS staff spoke with me in a way I understood.
I received services that were a good fit for me.
I got the help I wanted.
PYS staff treated me with respect.
I worked on things that are important to me.
I felt comfortable with my counsellor.
I learned some new skills and/or tools to help me manage my situation better.
Staff respected my identity, values and beliefs.
I was comfortable talking to my counsellor about whether or not sessions were going well.
Overall, I believe that the issues that brought me to PYS have improved as a result of PYS services.
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