Community Connections Expo 2018 - Daytime Program/Youth Survey

Your feedback is important to us! While filling out this form is voluntary, your comments would be greatly appreciated. Safe Communities Northumberland County (SSNC) is collecting this information to evaluate and improve its programs and services. Your open and honest feedback will assist SCNC in better serving you and your community! 

Your responses are anonymous and, by completing this form, you agree to allow SCNC to collect and use your feedback. Whether or not you fill out this form will have no impact on the service(s) and programs you participate in now or in the future from SCNC and partner agencies. 

1. Overall, how would you rate the Community Connections Expo?

2. How would you rate the following?

Not applicable/did not attendExcellentVery GoodFairPoor
Cheryl Pounder - Growing for Gold
Career Showcase presentations in the Rainbow Theatres
Ross Szabo - Positive Mental Health
Covenant House Toronto - Keeping Safe
Outside Displays & Activities
Quiet Room

3. The best part of the Expo was...

4. I learned something new about an agency or service.

5. What topics are you most interested in learning about?

6. Do you have any additional comments about the Expo?

*Thank you for coming to the Expo and completing this evaluation.

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