12 Month Infant Feeding Survey

The Perth District Health Unit is conducting a survey about infant feeding to help improve services for mothers and babies in Perth County. After your baby was born, you gave permission for the Health Unit to contact you to ask you questions about infant feeding. We are interested in collecting information about infant feeding practices in the first year of life to plan and evaluate services for families. All information is confidential and anonymous and responses of everyone surveyed will be summarized in a report. You can skip a question by checking “Prefer not to answer” (if available), or choose not to participate at any time and this will not affect any services you receive.

Your responses are collected and stored in Canada using SimpleSurvey. The data are downloaded to the Perth District Health Unit servers twice a year and the data on SimpleSurvey are permanently deleted. The data are retained on Perth District Health Unit servers according to our retention guidelines.

If you have questions about the collection or any questions about the survey, you can contact the Public Health Manager of Child Health at 519-271-7600. This survey should take about 5 minutes to complete. Thank you!

*Is your baby currently living with you?

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