Atlantic Growth Strategy - Consultation

We want to hear your views!
Between April and June 2017, the Atlantic Growth Advisory Group will be conducting a series of roundtables, by invitation only, to engage stakeholders in Atlantic Canada on ways to enhance regional growth. Summaries of each roundtable are available here.
In addition to the in-person engagement sessions, the Advisory Group members also want to hear from Atlantic Canadians on ideas to grow the region’s economy. Your ideas will assist the Advisory Group to gain a better understanding of Atlantic Canada’s reality and will help shape the future of our region.      
If you would like to provide input on the future of Atlantic Canada, please complete the form below. This online consultation is open until July 7, 2017.     


How can Atlantic Canada attract and retain more new Canadians, including international students?

Skilled Workforce:

What steps could be taken to help Atlantic Canadians gain the skills they need to better participate or enter into the labour force?


What are some of the opportunities and challenges facing businesses at different stages of growth (ex: start-ups, small to medium size enterprises)?

Innovation and Oceans:

Considerable work is underway to grow dynamic ocean industries in Atlantic Canada.  What are the opportunities and areas for growth potential for building on the region’s assets and strengths in this area ?


What are potential pan-Atlantic infrastructure priorities that could support economic growth in the region?

Trade and Investment:

What areas of focus would be key to the advancement of the Atlantic economy in the area of trade and investment?

Clean Growth and Climate Change:

What are the opportunities to grow and develop a “green economy” in Atlantic Canada?


What measures should be considered to encourage industry to invest in and develop high value tourism products and experiences?

Food and bio-resources:

What steps need to be taken in the short-term to support long-term growth in these sectors?

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